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About Myself...

I am 44 years old, and have my college degree in Graphic Arts. I have been designing websites for 6 years now, and have taken courses in computers, and html.
I enjoy custom design the best. Whether it be business, or personal, I work with each client individually to determine their needs, and challenge myself to come up with original works per each's wishes.

In our leisure time, my family and I enjoy camping/RV'ing. It is quality time for us together, and is alot of fun. We travel mostly in NY state, with occasional visits to other nearby states.

Please stop by my
RV LIFESTYLE section for information on NY Parks, Recipes, and Camping/RV Related information.
For fantastic RV rescources, please visit the
iRV2 Website for information, and member forums. It is a great community of campers/RV'ers!

Thank you and please take your time and visit with all that my website has to offer.


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